Kara ok? more like Kara not ok.

So I been keeping myself more social and more busy then the past (part of this newer me i'm always improving on) and went out on the weekend to do Karaoke. If you saw my last performance you would remember my dance routine which involved crawling up to the audience and sitting on random cute boys laps while singing Amy Winehouse.. This weekend I was going to show my Mariah skills but I went a bit crazy with the beers. I finished 6 beers in about 2 hours while doing shots of jager, The problem with this picture is the shots of jager, I've realized I can no longer do this and function normally. We arrived in 2 taxis and I hit the dance floor right away. After a few cheers from my entourage for my mad dancign skills I got pissed off about something and I just left. When I'm drunk and decide I have a destination pretty much not even a brick wall will stop me from getting there. I had to go home.. I don't remember much after that but I woke up the next morning naked with Mc. Chicken sauce packages all over my pillow.

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