Like I need more,

Overflowing closets and an extra rolling rack of clothes just isnt enough so what did I decide to do? Get a job assistant managing value village. Anyone who knows me knows I have not purchased clothing from anywhere other then Value Village in the last 5 years. Good glasses are rare at Value Village so I'll admit some stops at Camouflage, H&M, Aldo, Le Chateau are sometimes necessary for that item. I've been laughed at for applying at value village but do I care? no. I do me and that's the way its always been. I'm glad I still can go home for lunch and I still won't have to purchase an 80$ bus pass. Either way, not only have they offered the highest wage I've ever had, but finally a company with full medical; And on good months management gets something like commission. At least half of each paycheck goes there anyways, so the 50% discount will also help me save more money. I'm not after the money so I need to say this is kinda a small wet dream coming true.

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