On Sunday I was a bit h/oed so the first thing I did in the morning when I woke up at 11 was tote mass facebooked/text a "who wants to breakfast" message. Right away Kandis swooped in through my window and whisked me away to Main st where we tried The Wallflower cafe. We had an amazing breakfast and decided to start a new blog which (we haven't named yet, shoot me some suggestions please!!) and do reviews and try a new place every week at least. It was pretty tasty for sure. Some improvements needed but we'll get into that in our new blog.. I had an amazing spinach salad with grilled halibut and it was amazing. We window shopped and played dress up in the clothing stores both looking for another new favorite thing to wear. We have an appreciation for similar things and even with our different styles we totally compliment each other. I always remember so much of what we do and talk about together because shes one of those people where every moment is unforgettable.

PS: Kandis don't waste the porch! Best breakfasts ever on there! I'll cook!

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