Hes' back and all I got was this Video.

Jared returned home from his trip this afternoon FINALLY! So bored without him. As you may of read in the previous post, Jared LEFT ME this weekend and went down south and shopped across the border with co-workers and stayed in some resort for a night. I'm sure he'll blog about it, or maybe not cause hes been lazy like that recently. (like I'm one to talk about blog laziness). He returned this afternoon with gifts, including this video he dosen't remember taking because it was after some expensive duty free gin.

He got back around 5 and we had to go drop off the rental car he had from work.

We dropped off the car and then headed for some dinner at Zawa's.

Like usualy, Tanya served us and we wanted someone else because everytime Tanya serves us its the worst service. Yeah were not gonna get mad because were her friend but I shouldnt have to wait the time it takes to drink a caesar for my first caesar. :)

Returning home and seeing someone cook their dinner pretty well, i had to grab my camera...

This guys scares us because he always is out there with the lighter fluid..

It was an amazing end to a indoor weekend. I shouldn't say that all i got was the above video from Jared's trip because He did end up bringing home this fresh new bed set and I cant wait to climb in.


raymi lauren said...

hilarious video

jay-cawk said...

whats even funnier is that i was like SOMEHOW I ENDED UP WITH THESE ICE TONGS IN MY BAG AND I DONT KNOW HOW until i looked through the pictures once i got back. then i saw the video and it all made sense.

raymi lauren said...

im so glad you tiefed them!