A Model Life

So this weekend has been lonely. Tanya just stopped by this afternoon on the way to work but other then that I've been isolated! My mobile accidentally dropped into Jared's suitcase as he packed for his weekend trip to the US. He left Saturday morning and drove down to Tuwhaylip? (who knows how to spell that shit) to check out some resort and spend 300$ shopping. It has been lonely because I cant even get a call from Jared or text a < 3 to him! I managed to snap these last photos of him as he left.

It rained all weekend and I couldn't contact any friends but it was quite alright with me, I spend the weekend inside tidying up and choosing photos from last weekend fun photo shoot. Lemme know what you think.


Then we drank and n danced.

Dip it low.

and lower.

SMASH!!.... Too low.


raymi lauren said...

jared's squinty confused face at you is priceless

DavesGotTheGun said...

hes all like "Is that the paparazzi? Oh shit!"

Anonymous said...

i really like the one of tanya up agains the wall
it reminds me of an old1900 picture of a woman..
with the dark eyes and blurry edges

(by amanda)