Pricesmart didnt hire smart.

This is disgusting. So I don't even 'know' this guy, just someone from my old high school.. (which was full of losers).. Sure; lets have fun at work and film it (like the burger king guy) but smashing rotten fruits everyday and all over other fresh produce and products is fucking disgusting. Where the hell is the supervisor? oh wait, hes holding the camera probably. All the employees join in on this and it makes me sick. My mom is a huge fan of this company and purchases all her food here, but what is she really putting in her mouth?

sorry, this bugs me.

The douch's profile.. I wonder what 'Javiera' thinks. I know your suppose to wash your food before you eat it but this shouldn't be the reason why. Please dont procreate! or at least let someone else raise any children you have.

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