Didnt win the lotto, but feels like it.

Booo.. i know I wasn't the only one last night thinking they had the winning 43 million lotto ticket, BUT BIG SURPRISE again someone from Toronto and someone from Quebec won... its always those cities.. I had it all planned out and with some extra spending cash.. But oh well. Either way I'm still a pretty happy guy, I feel like I have it all because I couldn't ask for much more. I live comfortable, have an amazing relationship which is full of love, The best friends and I LOVE Vancouver. My mind may change once the 2010 Olympics start in this city. I might like it less but I think i'll like it more.. I PLAN and envision that i'll have my shit together by then and be taking over the world! Well at least Vancouver. For now I can just do things like fun photo shoots and visit our many beautiful scenic destinations; Which is what I did the rest of the long weekend.. On Sunday, Amanda, Shari, Jared and I all drove out to Maple Ridge and tried to get to A place Jared and I went with his friend Renata, camping. On the way up there was came to an intersection that was full of traffic and as we pulled up (like in the video below) we noticed that there was no accident. There was an ambulance but it was just sitting in the middle of the intersection. Obviously the accident or whatever had be removed but the ambulance just sat there and it took about 15 mins to get threw the intersection. We parked and started walking down the street we were on but instead of encountering a path to the lake we were surrounded by BEES... lots of BEES. and they were harsh swooping at us and I'm glad Tanya Wasn't there cause she would of ran into the traffic and we would of seen that ambulance we recorded earlier. We found it but by the time we arrived all the good spots were taken and the sun was on its way out. We arrived at the lake and found a spot, drank a bit of scotch and left! The trail to the lake goes along this path by the river and we decided to stop and jump in for a dip. After that we left.


and here is a preview of the photo shoot we did that night. I'm just gonna touch them up and I'll be posting them in my next post.


raymi lauren said...

love that noodle

i said yesterday well i know fil didnt win cos he is still around


jay-cawk said...

he kept raping me with the noodle the whole time we were walking...

saturday SATURday SATURDAY!!!

and what relationship are YOU talking about? ;)