My last day of being 24.

Saturday we left home early because Jared had to pick up his camera which we use often for all are videos. We originally named the camera Cassandra but over this weekend (since she can back from the sony hospital) we renamed her to Cassander; which is inspired from this story Amanda told Jared and I on Canada day about how her teacher called her that because he had a thick accent. Since then we call Amanda Amander. Cassandra was out on Broadway so we jumped down there and also checked out Toys R Us and Futureshop. Jared was in a spending mode you could say and just grabbed a Nintendo Wii and a bunch of games like a bag of chips.. Hes getting all bling and his boss is rewarding him for the hard work hes doing. Its great! ;) We then took a taxi home and met up with Tanya and drank a bunch of beers and celebrated the last day of 24.. I drank half a bottle of wine and about 3 double gin and tonics, then we bought some more beer and it quickly became one of those.. Tanya and I wanted to go out in the sun and Jared was 'tired' so we grabbed a couple drinks and went to Brittania center off Commercial drive and found this amazing place that was a major Photoshoot. It was this rustic green cement cliff viney place that over looked Vancouver skyline, it was the best.

Smoking is EW, but I like this picture.

After finishing our drinks at the m.a.g.i.c.a.l. place we came back and I decided to ''''decorate''' the patio.

-PIC- (warning this is really disgusting.)

Tanya was being a nice friend (nicer then I would be) and started helping clean up, and then she says I proceeded to continue all over her, she didnt have time to escape. Well at least I left 24 on the floor..


jay-cawk said...

24 ON THE FLO!!!

Paula said...

k...that last pic was soooooo nasty. good thing you have the warning. ;)

so, how does it feel to be 25?