the celebration of my arrival.

So Yesterday was my Birthday, I woke up a bit frawpsy and tipsy so I chewed a couple tylonols for breakfast with a coffee. After cleaning up the disgusting art I created and showering we left to get Breakfast, Cassander was happy to come along. My birthday was starting of great. We went to Zawas like usual, I was still full and not too hungry from all the drinking the night before so I just ordered a Egg knowing Jared usually wont eat all of his toast. I like sunny side up eggs or fried eggs, Poached is the best but most places dont cook them; With some ketchup its the best dipping for toast.. MAMMMmmmm..

Tanya was off at 2, so we left and decided to go meet up with Elisabeth, Nick and their friend Tom at the beach! We walked up Commercial because it was such a hot day, Took the skytrain and jumped off at Granville. We walked all the way down the neighbour hoods of downtown. They are amazingly quiet considering how close of a walk all the mayjah shops are. I was inspired by all the building, I think it was my glasses. I have these glasses that make everything look AMAZING when the sun is out.

I dont get it.. No Vacancy, For Rent.. ?

It was perfect and after a couple hours and too much sun we walked all the way back down around robson and thurlow area and I was craving whitespot. We were the only young people among the sea of grey but the burgers were perfect for lunch.. Ahhhh o o o 's .. mmmmmm OOOOOO ahhhhm....

We came back and Amander was on her way out, SHE GAVE ME THE BEST CAKE EVER!.. Once Tanya came over after changing at home we all ran up to Rogers near her place and grabbed some bday beers and rented a Wii game. We came back and then Amanda wanted some more beer so her Tanya myself and I went out again, On the way to beer we decided to show Amander the photoshoot m.a.g.i.c.a.l. place we found the night before.

This is where Tanya and I were last night, Its perfect a few hours before this photo was taken when the sun is shining thre the huge trees..

We came back and Jared was still playing the Wii but very very drunknly. After a couple rounds he eventually got ''tired'' again and wii took over for the night and played and drank.. The best bday..