Feeling antsy Jared and I left the house.

After a couple drinks at the place where everyone knows our name, and they are always glad we came. our troubles are all the same..

When we arrived these women were sampling out Stellas but a new Light version and they used some fancy world like Liegre' in french or something. It tasted like a normal beer which is a good thing. What wasnt a good thing was what they had to wear, leggings and a grey corset with a red lace..

So Jared and I are eating a lot better and since we didn't want greasy carbs off the menu we walked up to super value and last night tried to create something new. We were trying to decide on what to cook and eventually decided that if we just picked out the meat first and then went to the spices isle we could get inspired. We made some Mexi Chicken Rice Wraps and it inspired us to create a new blog which we will both publish out recipes and eventually we'll have it so u can search by ingredients and types of food. we named it FagFood for obvious reasons! Before cooking that on the way home one of my dreams came true. CAT LAND!

My building manager has a thing for signs.

Today we woke up and Jared went for a jog and I followed with our Bike. I don't have running shoes yet. Were both excited today because today is a special day. Our baby Cassander is able to leave the hospital. She has been in intensive care for about a week while the sony store operates on her.. Soon we will be videoing again.. You dont know what you got till its gone.. :(

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raymi lauren said...

siamese cats make me really weepy, my first cat moacha looked exactly liek that saimeser in catland sigh