Street Creativity

So i'm enjoying my rainy day off. I dont usually get weekdays off. I used this valuable off time to run into Surrey to grab my major camera charger. I took these pics with Jareds camera as I walked to the skytrain this morning... Check all this shit out.. I'll save the best for last! :)

This 2010 person is all about anti 2010.. Even tho its too late. I always see Riot2010 stencils eveywhere. This is his/her/their latests work. Nice and fresh. I hope they do bigger things on the Drive.. I'll post more as I see them.!


Diavolina said...

The one of the girl on the green is neat...and the 2010 one is awesome. I don't have much time to find these sorts of things so you'll have to post more of them so I can enjoy them!

dianabobar said...

Thanks so much for the great comment!