Bday Weekend

So over the weekend I enjoyed my birthday more so then any other I can remember. It started off seeing Transformers which, like i said in my previous entry, was major! Its a movie that will get you excited to see movies again. Anyway afterwards we made it just in time for last call at Zawas' on Commercial.

Well we actually didn't make it in time for last call. We were about 15 mins late but they love us since we pretty much go there every 2nd day. We had to drink our pitcher within 20 minuets or we would be asked to leave the patio.. We finished it in 15 bitches! It was a pointless request because they should know how we do. After finishing our pitcher I felt like dancing to Grimey Dub stuff and didnt have much money so we headed to the met where it turned out to be more D&By which is ok.. for like 15 mins. I wanted to hear a hot remix Sirens by Dizzee Rascal but after finding out Toby didn't bring it that night I got in a major huff cause I was looking forward to it! I was done and we HAD to leave. Once we arrived at home it was about 3am. Everyone kinda passed out and went seperate ways and I still had some energy so I called Tanya who was mid way walkin home and made her wait as I caught up. I stoped to get sober food Aka a Garden Pizza extra doey/chewy Pizza and inhaled it all drunkely down the street. After the next morning blaze Tanya and I headed back to my home but hitup every clothing stored on the way and got all inspired and started stitching shit. Being the fag I am I wanted to make a bag while Tanya continued to work on her stuffed animal/living thing. Its turning out pretty kick ass and so is my bag. I'll post pics up within a few days. Watch out for my purse line ya'll. hah could you imagine? Hand stitching is time consuming and I pray a sewing machine arrives by accident in the mail every night before bed. After a needed 3pm breakfast at Zawa's (yet again) we got ready for the RVCA art show.

LOOK carefully!! Its Tanya and I at the art show... 3rd column 4th group of ppl down. The art show was actually a photography show.. But same boats really. What was more fun to look at was the glass room with 20 sweaty men taking turns grinding the half pipe. We were getting saucey cause on the way to the show Tanya and I finished a mik of YAGG! Once we got there we purchased some beer so needless to say as the night went on I screached at the men, Even if they didnt do a trick.. Actually I liked screaming when they didnt do a trick cause the fun thing was whenever I did call out everyone else called and screamed too. I love being an Instigator.

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