Momma Day

SO Yesterday I finally got out to see my mom. I keep myself too busy and it had been a month. I booked a day off because I wanted to spend more then a couple hours with momma. Her living out there and me living out here doesn't allow many momma days. I spend as much time with her as possible and allowing myself more time for family. I was excited because I hadn't seen my mom since her birthday on the first and we always go shop. I had just got paid so it was an open book at value village. With our 50% off a purchase over 100 Koopon we had some work to do. My mom and I are pros at hunting, it was a mad dash for the racks and we easily spent an hour there. I often have A LOT of luck at the Langley Value Village, which is why its a stop on the list everytime my mom and I get together. All my clothings' magic sexy dust (the stuff that makes u feel so great when you put clothes on) had wore off and recently I been hating all my clothes. I been tempted to just box it all and walk it across the street to my Value Village so I could never see it again, But then i'd be nude. My outfits have been lookin like a hoed hot mess.

It was defiantly time for some serious shopping; and I got it done!

After that we got a lil snacky and shared a triple O combo. After downing the burger, which was to tide us over until dinner at 6, we went out to her antique shop booth in fort Langley where she has some awesome things for wayyyyyy to cheap. I mean harsh deals. The prices out there are so different from down here for obvious reasons but I still was in disbelief. She had this amazing bigass brass lobster (should of took a photo) which was a lamp and the ass part of the lobster was this glassy deep red which lit up.. I wish I could describe it better; (Stupid English class I didn't go to.)

Being in the middle of all these amazing unique inexpensive items not only made me grin it inspired me to help out her business. Made me think to bring my camera next time and get some amazing shots and donate it to them. Their current promo brochures don't really show what amazing things are inside. After helping my mom merchandise her new items we brought, we left and headed home for our crock pot slow cooker dinner we had prepared together in the morning. She specifically chose to use a slow cooker because for my birthday present she gave me this day was a SLOW COOKER; and she wanted to show me something I could easily make. I'm really excited to do roasts and shit. My gad the thing I can cook now!! Along with the slow cooker, she also gave me a 3 way antique mirror because she knows how much I love me.

The dinner was amazing and then I got a ride to the skytrain and went back home. Jared was arriving back at home around the same time from feeding his friends cats and we were hungry. I wanted to bring my mirror to Zawas but there was no way Jared would walk with me there holding a mirror looking at myself; but I wasn't gonna complain. We eventually decided to just indoor it and we purchased some wine and Tanya came over soon as she was off work. We spent Friday night drinking lots of wine on the patio and watching slide shows of ourselves on the tv.

(were our biggest fans) It was highly entertaining.

After a bottle and a bit you know it was time for more photos..

And after another bottle I think I can sing.. Karaoke anyone?

And then I passed out with all my new clothes. :)

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