Monday monday.

So basically I post every Monday.. if i post more often consider yourself lucky. This last weekend was a whir, I was suppose to do many things.. Which consist of the usual, dishes, laundry, and all that crap.. Oh wait I cant crap cause there is no toilet paper. I get paid on Friday so its a countdown. Anyways, this past weekendwas full of photos and memories. or lack there of.

Good Morning..

Ooph there is laundry to do..

Lets go get breakfast and coffee.

Can someone please tell me whats in the Pu Pu Sauce?

After waiting in line for about 15 mins we got seated at this cafe which reminds us of our Victoria visit. Its called Roundel Cafe and its perfect. The Next! This cafe rocks and u need to go because everything is locally grown and organic and that's good right? plus its delish.

That was the morning. After walking the alleys looking for cool photos we arrived at home and opened the wine.

Tanya was off work and Shari had arrived. We went to Zawas and had a couple drinks and some lunch, then went and bought some wine. We drank and lit the candles and enjoyed the patio. We were celebrating Shari's new hair. Cheers!!


For some reason all the smokers were addicted to these prime times.. I tried a bit of one, it was enjoyable.

And for once I hasslofed.

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