Monday again.

So the weekend is over, and as expected there is a new post!! BUT sad news for you since I didn't do much exciting this weekend. Unfortunately this summer requires me to save save save; so it was a very simple weekend.

The light came threw the window.

um.. The patio was nice.

The most exciting thing was the FIRST FLOWER from my morning glory vines, but I quickly found out that they are a sucky only 1 day blooming flowers, then they die.. But its ok because the jungle is starting to get outta control, time for a trim; and the vines on the patio are outta control too.

And surprise the empty bag sat on the kitchen floor the whole weekend. yes, remind me that i'm lazy. :) Sunday was another excellent day! I met up with Jared, who spent the night out in Surrey visiting friends, for my birthday dinner at his parents. I went out early in the afternoon to enjoy the sun and a dip in the pool. Then shortly after the pool dippy, we had an excellent chicken dinner that I requested. His mom makes this killer chicken with sweet juicy crust all crunchy and not good, BUT SO GOOD for you.

This video is from last year but you can see the pool I swam in. This year it lost a lot of elasticity and was more shallow then last year. I love this video because on my youtube account its titles "surrey dog loves sprinkler" and I added in the word surrey encase all the sirens in the background didn't give it away.

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Secret Agent said...

My weekend sucked too. It was spent staying inside (and not enjoying the sun), sweating, and having my glasses slide off my oily nose -- all while trying to find trigonometric angles that was required for today's (Monday) midterm.