I love summer. I've recent got some color and here is why. Last weekend Amanda, Jared and myself had a park day. I noticed today that they cut the grass. This day Tanya had to work at Zawas so we all had breakfast before her shift.

That night we went to M.I.A. She was at the PNE Forum for an all ages show, and everyone was dressed way better at the all ages show. I did the 'Boys' windmill move right into the stands and bruised my hand. I didn't realize i was so close. It was a lot of fun. On the way out of the venue I got a text from Jared saying "Hey I'm at republic with the riot girls!" Jared ended up drunkly stumbling to Republic on Granville St. but then was kicked out after he paid to get in. I arrived and he was hanging out with these girls on the bus stop right outside of the club. (We met these girls earlier the morning before when J and I were window shopping down Commercial. When we were talking to them in Riot they named Jared Extra Small cause thats the size he needed in the store.) I knew Jared had to get home so I thanked them for taking care of him and I felt a bit obligated to stay and dance a bit; and plus I all riled up from the concert, so i stayed and told Jared that him and I were going to have a taxi race home because I knew he would want me to come with him. I stayed and danced with these girls for about an hour, then left. It was a fun weekend.

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amanda said...

oh my god that is so fuunny! right in the canus...
dave your so good
can you make our whole life into
a movie? you make it look and sound so much better.

i look like a trudger when i was walking... i'm hoping that was due to me wearing your sandals which were HUGE

lets play summer again