in debt..

I feel in debt to this blog. So many things to mention but always to lazy to post them. I haven't made a post in over a month or 4. As you know I've tried to make a fashion type of webpage but I really haven't been to motivated to take pictures. I do really like style and I do have a great camera but I been kinda bored of the whole idea. My most often posted blog is my street art blog Key Evidence. I haven't posted on there for a while because I haven't seen any new street art. I also tried to get motivate to make a blog about music in Vancouver but got bored after 5 minuets again. Instead I'd rather play hours and hours of Sim City 4.

I'm already bored of this post. BUT I keep telling myself I need to BLOG.. I NEED TO BLOG...

Well recently I haven't been doing anything exciting. I been spending most of my paychecks on booze and paying off my never ending debt to my Visa. I dream of the day its paid off. Sometimes it seems 1 can't get on top of it and its depressing, But it's slowly decreasing. It will just take a year and a bit to finish paying it off. My debt consist mostly of a bad eating out problem plus the recent purchase of my new laptop, all the x mas presents I made; and previous debts from my camera purchase. I've been in debt for about 3 years. Like my financial debt I'm going to also commit to relieveing the blog post debt I feel I owe.

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