Commercial Drive Street Art

There was nothing I wanted to cook in our fridge and pantry so I decided to brave the drizzle and head outside. I grabbed the camera. I went for a solo dinner at this restaurant called Pizza Garden. My dinner was a succulent savory slice of cheddar cheese and spicy pepperoni pizza. $1.50! I sat on the patio and finished my dinner then decided to walk down the west alley of Commercial Drive to look for street art and I found a bit. Of course there was a lot of tags and stuff but I don't care about script. So what your A's look good.. Thats it? I like stencils and characters.

As long as I keep seeing new stuff i'll shoot them.. BANG!


dianabobar said...

It's interesting to see that these graffitis are not that different here in Romania either. stencils and the whole package, we got 'em too:)

DavesGotTheGun said...

Yeah thanks to the internet most Fashion, Music and Art influences are global! Were all coming together.. slowly but surely.