Whats next for me?

Ok so i got the ball rolling on my life and i'm feeling back on top of my game. This new mind frame is really setting my life into a natural flow and i'm doing everything i thought i couldn't do and each day is only better then the last. Full of more life and love and i'm almost have a permanent smile. Some things i still need to learn and tune into my flow. other things i still want to change is to completely diminish all negative thoughts, I have been doing a very very very good job at reaching this goal but a couple times in the day i have a negative thought. Its ok as i've progressed very far from where i was days, weeks, months, and years ago. I'm really progressing into a full love frequency which is my ultimate goal. some things that are going to start coming into play in my life and some things i'm going to be practicing are, calling my mom everyday, saying hello to strangers on the street, producing music again, painting everyday, eating completely organic, giving more gifts, stretching everyday, jogging everyday, writing daily poetry/lyrics, daily video blogging, exploring new creative urges (jewelery, clothing design), singing, and dance classes, and yoga. stopping in my path for a moment and people watching, I KNOW all this will be in full effect by the end of the year and at the rate my life is exploding, probably within in a few weeks. Keep on keepin on.

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