The Obama Deception

He's saving the world right? your world?


E. Kaye said...

We're in Canada, and we've already been suffering the affects of this so called "inconvenient truth," which is exactly what it is. Do you know how many people have lost their jobs as a result of these fucking carbon taxes, meat production taxes, etc.? Do you know how many other people were inadvertedly affected by this? How many people working in retail, grocery stores for example, have either lost hours or their jobs? How many cut-backs were put in place to hedge profit loss? I lost my job as an indirect result of said cut-backs! It is infuriating to know that somewhere, some corrupt official is lining his pockets at our expense! It makes me want to empty out my bank account and stuff the bulk of my money into my sock drawer, and the heavily secure my sock drawer behind locks and chains, barbed wire, gun cameras, and infrared motion sensors!!! Well, maybe that's going overboard, but you get my frustration... By the way, Hi Dave :P

E. Kaye said...

This is Fascist Political Subterfuge! And the media can go fuck itself for purpetuating this Farce, this `Democracy.`