My key to happiness

Has been youtube.. People have been asking me how am I so happy? its because i'm finally learning. I never learned anything in school. I never payed attention because it all bored me and didnt make me feel fulfilled or smarted. Thankfully to the internet and especially, youtube I can view programs that i'm truly interested in, which I share in my Hmmm section. If you check out my youtube status you could see that I've watched about 3000 videos. That is a LOT of information so when you ask me what drug am i on its called knowledge. That is what is making me feel so inspired and happy everyday, So if you sick and tired of Seinfeld reruns and your unhappy maybe do yourself a favor and learn and watch something your interested in. Thats why I dont really watch tv ever and if I lived on my own I wouldn't even have tv.

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