Today is Canada day but I know it better as my mothers birthday. She was born on this day 61 years ago so needless to say shes mad a huge impact on the world. She is my mother, she is directly connect to the beautiful life I'm experiencing now. I am out at my sisters and waiting for her to finish getting ready and were about to get out to save on food and grab some stuff to take over to our mom's home and celebrate with her all evening. While my sister is getting ready she announces something to me which would normally make some peoples heart drop but my frame of mind is prepared for almost anything is to come. My sister mentions that my mom woke up a couple days ago, Monday morning, and believes she had a heart attack. My mom is ok. My mom's sister is actually in the hospital so I believe that my moms heart is under a lot of stress and being over used and drained as she puts all her thoughts towards her sister. My mom has us in mind before anyone else she I was surprised to learn this because when I called her a couple days ago and she didn't mention anything. I believe in my heart that she will never die. I'm truly not afraid of death. No one ever really dies and i'm thankfull to have this thought process as my sister believes she will be devistated once my mother is called upon by the universe. I dont know what to tell her to help her prepare but I can try. I can't change people but I know when she needs me I can be there for her. My heart is my moms heart so it is always with her no matter what happens and what form she takes. I love my mom and happy birthday mom.

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