Obama has no respect for life or you.

This makes me sad, he has no respect for life. no matter how insignificant you have been brainwashed to think a fly is, to me its still life and should not be taken away. no I'm not just sensitive I'm just real. think of all the beautiful things the fly has seen and places its been... and think of all the beautiful things you have seen, ... now it no longer can view anything. just think of what other bad decisions he is making..... Even listen to the douche in the background "*clap* *clap* NICE!!!!" makes me fucking sick to think he is in charge... this makes me hope someone teaches him a good lesson and swats his fucking life away. not just Peta.. I'm not too worried tho because karma is real. Its just a fly? your just a mc donalds snogging, chemtrail breathing, rent paying suburban cunt. ok maybe that was harsh but if you dont respect all life you dont respect your own.

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