From drinking to painting.

So things have been getting crazy around here, Well not crazy but quite the party.. In the past 2 weeks i have gotten hammed everyday except yesterday and a couple days before that. Needless to say i have the weirdest eye ache that starts in the corner of my and goes right to the back of my head. Soooo not fun.. I think it is from this binge.. Anyways, I just couldn't goto work because it has made me pretty sick and now i'm turned a new..... again....... for the 10th time..... But seriously this time I think I wont be drinking for a long time. I know summer has just begun but here in Vancouver its been like over 2 months of super hot dry weather, i'm kinda done and i want fall... but that is months away... My birthday is coming up and I'm thinking of just spending it with my parents or maybe just a couple friends for dinner or maybe I won't do anything. I had to get a new hobbie so what did I do? I went out and purchased a bunch of acrylic paint and brushes and canvasses and started painting! It is actually really exciting and rewarding. I have been inspired by pictures of galaxies and nebula and black holes and all those fun words/things out there above. It mind boggling to think that the pictures of these items in space are actually millions of light years across and such. In anyway they are inspiring and I will be posting pictures soon once they develope a bit more.

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