So i had a really wild dream. and i usually can remember spicific things about my dreams and then take those specific 'nouns' and search them up in a dream dictionary but last night i had the most wild dream ever. I seriously have woken up feeling like I have dremt of everything. Not only did i see some amazing beautiful things but i got to hang out with everyone, ugh this is hard to explain.. which is why i'm not looking up everything because the list would go forever. I remember and can still see when i close my eyes parts of the dream... And i wish you could feel elightened like i do this morning. I woke up and just realised some major things but there aer no words to describe it. Like for example I saw the image above in my dream but i was actually there and the colors were 40000000000000000000 more brighter and it was in motion being sucked in by a black hole.... big blue and pink swirling fluffy coulds mixing together and creating new colors...

I feel amazing.. and full of love.

When i woke up i remember a line from a documentary i was watching in my dream and the documentary was about the mayan calendar or 2012 or life or soemthing and the guy (some sientist) said in the dream "we now know that there is a place on earth where all matters exist"

and that is how i feel.. i feel like the universe (which is small compared to the whole) is MINE! This is one of the best days of my life. I been having the time of my life recently, to the point that i'm annoying people with how happy i am... well not people.. but i annoyed one person who expressed his disgust via facebook to our 70 mutual friends so i blocked him, now he cant hear about it. problem solved.. (no it wasnt Jared)

after i woke up in amazement i realise it was 7-o-clock exactly... exactly 7am.. so since i was out last night at the beach with bffs drinking i was a bit headachey around that time, i also knew i should go back to bed incase i had to dream more.. and i did start dreaming again. but this time i knew/felt that i was going to dream SO I GOT TO CONTROL IT ALL... and i did all the things i wanted to do and wanted to feel. i got to play in a pile of kitties, all these cute kids were following me around saying that they knew who i was.... i got to fly around and walk through walls, i got to ride the PENIS-go-round... (yeah that pretty much describes itself) and visit beautiful exotic places and see new creatures that i never in a million dreams would envision.

needless to say, i'm totally not hungover at all and ready to take on the day.!!


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