And now the good stuff..

Tomorrow is just a step away. head for that horizon.

so after feeling depressed and venting out on my blog about whatever is on my mind, I try to be quick to hide it with new post after new post. This morning I vented about what had been making me upset over the last 24 hours and after a nice brunch and a shower I decided it would only be fitting to talk about what is new and different in my life which always turns into something happy. Its been over a week now at my new job Value Village and its been kinda surreal. I feel at home more then ever and my co workers are slowing becomming my best friends. There is soooo much to do at my work that the days seriously fly by like a chemtrail plane. You dont notice it was ever there until its gone over! Even with an extra eye on the clock on a hungover day it still seems to zoom by. I guess this is a good thing but maybe a bad thing since I may not think twice about another drink when i'm out, But when have I ever thought twice about another drink. I have spent about 600$ since i've started which is not a good thing for my wallet but its an amazing beautiful thing for my wordrobe. Yesterday I had started to realise what everyone was telling me all along that there is always going to be something that you need to buy. Before I worked there I didn't believe the announcements that said they get 1000s of things in daily because i'd return and still see some of the same things but now since working there there is an endless supply of shit and the faster the truck is unloaded and it gets put out the faster they head to the warehouse and pick up more shit. I've been told by my co workers that after about 3 months you pretty much have everything you ever wanted and the need to buy dissolves. I had told myself in the past that I would never wear the same outfit twice so I'm not sure how true this will be for me since I easily get tired of my clothing after one wear. As an inspiring stylist this could be a launching pad and things seem to be pointing in some great directions. I'm totally clickign with this one girl Amelia who is pretty much my new best friend. She is the it girl. She is my age and for the last 11 years shes been a top model... like a real model..... like a real live real model.. So its been great hearing all the stories of her previous jet setting life and shes very humble and not a bitch like you think the industry may change you into. She knows EVERYONE who should be my friend in Vancouver. One of her best friends is THE TOP stylist in Vancouver and is getting most of the works and YES we already have plans to all hang out.. Shes got my taste in style and we just basically hang out all day and shop but get paid to.. lol .. My life is still great and thinking about this stuff excites me. I can see all these different paths in front of me and I just need to decide on what to do and where to go and who to bring along for the ride. I am really excited to have her as a new friend and not just because of what shes done but who she is. It seems life places people infront of me and things end up just working out for the most part. I do admit I often look back and think of things like "what if i went left instead of right? where would i be now and who would i know" but then i feel at home and realize that ive always been where i'm suppose to be. Working at Value Village has also inspired me to move out of where i'm living into my OWN OWN place with no one else except me. My roommates are very nice people dont get me wrong, we've had some excellent times and laughed pretty hard but I feel like my own space is the next step and I had givin my notice this past week to move out August 1st. This is ample time and it will give me enough time to save up a fair bit. I'm really stoked on finding and making my own nest.. Like really stoked... So needless to say that I been very happy this last month, the happiest i've ever been and the recently depressing sad thoughts withing the last 24 hours are pretty much just because I don't have someone special to share it with. That's the only thing a boyfriend/love is good for is to share your joy and have someone who cares view your joy and even the bad stuff. Now that I vented all the bad and all the good out in one day its time for one of my favorite things to do with a clear mind and thats head downtown and walk around all day... xo

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