So yesterday morning I got a head start to the day. well not a head start but an early start. My aunt is down from Pentiction. Some of you are lucky enough to have my aunts company and have met her and you'd know how high i put her on a pedistal . Right below momma of course; but Carol is soo hilarious and more of a free spirited gypsy like person. I am going to visit her up in Pentiction this summer because she is so inspiring when it comes to healthy life and being positive. My mom wants positiviy and a healthy life as well but my aunt has made it a huge part of who she is. Anyway needless to say I was so excited to get out there yesterday morning that i left the house before 8am.. I didnt arrive until right after 10 because of the crappy sunday scheduals of the transit system. Once we arrived out there everyone was just finishing up geting ready for brunch and we went to Rickys resturant. Not too exciting but after wards I had plans to visit an acution which happens everyweekend near her place. We went and I purchased 2 items to resell in her antique shops, My mom is making a high wage then I am. Well she isnt getting paid salary but she is making averagly over 2k a untaxed a month. Considering she only has to attend an auction or 2 a week i got really inspired by the free time given by the hard 2 days of work put it.. I'd much rather make what i'm making now but only work 2 days for it. (and its fun work) So I purchased an teal english set made by some brand which is hard to find and i paid 30$ before 15% auction tax and my mom said that this set will most likely resell for 100$ but i priced it at 119 because I think her prices are a bit cheap then what i've seen out her.e I cam by and just put in away bids and then spent the day walking around (so I wasnt even at the auction and I was still working) . I went over the the flea market which I hadn't been toin years and it was exciting too. People were walkign aroudn with no shirts, flip flops everywhere.. and i had to cary my red leather jacket and zipup sweater... An amazing weekend... So that is my little rant for now; more like excitement then rant because it all excites me a lot..

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