i been watching many different news online and differnt peopels views of the recession and such and they say that its just the beginning right now that most malls will be vacant, and companies will go under and that the new business model and the new way to make money is mostly online.. i'm glad i'm having these ideas, seem to be created from these kidna times anyways... if there wasnt this recession then i wouldnt be using my head and thinking of new ways to make money... i think the recession is a good thing.. i've been staying home for a long while now, i've stoped drinking cause i cant afford it.. i stoped smoking plants other then cigarettes, because i cant afford it, (well maybe not stoped but not like yesterdays) which in turn i've been feeling healthier... staying home more = more time on the internet, i've been learning more because i'm on the internet more and at home more instead of work.. i been meeting more people online and signing up to new webpages like twitter and such which in turn is helping me meet even more people.. i've posted my first lookbook looks, and i been learning to cook and i been cooking and hosting at home a lot more with friends... SOOOO all in all,, its a VERY nice thing for me and i've been going threw some great changes in my lifestyle over the last few months. i'm glad there is a recession

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John Sisouvong said...

Your such a fucking selfish person.
Not everyone is a trustfund kid like you. Say you love the recession to the family that loses their house.