Beautiful Day

Today was a love kinda day. The morning started out with a nice healthy breakfast, I've been really keeping on this healthy track and it is feeling great and i'm feeling the results already. Its been 3 days of very very healthy eating, excercise, and stretching and I think i'm in it to win it this time.. After some of that I went and did a job search and it made me feel amazing. I was in demand and it sounded like a couple of them were pretty much trying to convince me to work for them. I had a few on the spot interviews and promises of calls next week. I turned on the charm and gave that boom boom pow. Got home and I made the below video. After my lunch I didn't lay down like I usually would of, I made plans with a beautiful friend. I grabbed my camera and flew out the door. I walked Venables street towards Commercial Drive and snapped some great photos of the sun shining threw some of the beautiful neighborhood trees which I will be posting up shortly after this post; check my photography sections.. I had an excellent day catching up with friends. I spent the morning and afternoon with kandis and we met up with her sister (beautiful family PS) and had lunch. I took a few photos at Kandis's apartment which i'll post up soon too! It was one of those days that felt like 40 days in one. I kept running into people and stopping for teas and coffees and chatting while visiting the many people I knew who were working downtown at the time. You know did my hello rounds. Came home and made a fabulous salad with red peppers, celery, cucumber and broccoli. used a bit of salt and pepper, some vinegar and a small small amount of light zesty Italian dressing. I'm trying to eat my vegetables raw to get the most of out them... I'm glad I can have such refreshing inspiring days while being broke ass. I do owe Kandis a lunch tho, but it would be my pleasure. WHICH is why i'm going to do it all again tomorrow. My camera is charging. :) Then its back to work again for the final days until the closing date of the 3rd..

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