Holiday season for sure..

Bla Bla Xmas, Santa was good to me because I was on the nice list this year.

Bla Bla NewYears, Spent it with the parents and ate lots of munchies and had 3/4 glass of some nasty champagne and went to bed, Woke up without a hangover new years day for the first time in years. Drinking and deciding not to drink are both overrated.


So I called my work just now to get my schedual for next week because for some reason thats how scheduals work with my employer. So this next month will be interesting. Money isn't an issue its boredom. This next month I will most likely not be working. My current job at Miss Shitxy has decided that they cant have a full time merchandiser; bla bla economy, and now so I have like no shifts.

Maybe they kinda sensed I was going back to Starbucks in a couple weeks.. Maybe its the economy, Either way I need a new hobby, less snow, and something for this flu. *Cough*

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