Stella ella ella.

The above picture is my old 'ROOM' at Paula's. You would think that there is no way you miss that but things aren't going so well out at my sisters. I don't even wanna show a picture, you'll never read my blog again. I mean its ok but i'm not saving any money like I thought I would. I don't expect anyone to ever pay my way but I thought she would be fine with me paying for my own food and what I use. I was hoping for just shelter really; Just crashing on her 30 year old sofa which isn't even long enough but now its costing more then when I lived out in East Van at a friends place. Needless to say i will be scooting back in within the next few weeks. Even tho my money is sooooo tight right now I can manage to squeeze in the requested couch rent. Plus I really liked it at Paula and Tanya's place. Tanya is the shit and, I mean I love Paula and we get along really well. There is even a side room with a bed and more privacy then there is here. My sister is switching jobs like myself so is somewhat stressed and shes very vocal about it. A couple times I wish I had headphones just so I could avoid a couple questions while trying to relax; But lets not get into all that. I been thrown the last week of living in here. Life got really tough and I felt like; i dont even know but the worst; and I felt defeated. For a bit there I could only focus on the negative and I had no time to just be my geeky; pajama; size medium; in front of the computer; video games and chips self. I could do that at Paulas because the space was so big. (Hey Tanya sorry for calling Paulas, paula's when its just as much yours.)

And I miss Stella, the most friendly cat ever.

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