Living Situation..

So, last week I had enough; I was out the door and on my way back to Tanya and Paula's place. Like usual, I changed my mind a couple hours later. Dosen't make for a good blog because when you read a post, the opposite is probably actually happening. Its not that I cannot make a decision but more that I take each day as it comes and rarely make plans because my mind and mood change so often. Needless to say things are better at work and things are better at my sisters. I don't see myself moving to England at least until spring or summer; and I won't be moving out of my sisters until December now. My job is working out nicely and each day I feel more confident about my position with Miss 60. At first it was really tough and I was dealing with a whole mixture of changes in my life so thats why I talked about my other options and mentioned things like moving away and such. Things are on their way up.

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