All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey.

So I've now left Tanya, Paula and Diana's place for the next month to move in with my sister. In January Tanya is moving out of the home and off to England for too long. I'll be taking her place in the house and I will miss Tanya a lot. For the last week I been living on the sofa at their place and its been cool. Paula is really cool and we plan to make a cooking show and share our recipes and do photo shoots. Diana is cool too but she usually chills out in her room which I love to do too. It will be exciting once I get my own room and my own space so I can focus on whats coming up in the near future. I am social I guess but I do love and miss hiding out in my own space and getting all creative.

I'm now sitting at my computer in the kitchen at my sisters place and finished my Potato Bacon Onion soup that I had leftover from yesterday morning. We will be hooking up the wireless internet soon. I'll be here for Nov at least even tho I was offered to stay at Paula's place until Tanya moves out. I chose to live out at my sisters for now just to save up a bit of money. X-mas is coming up and since i got my new job Starbucks has been giving me hardly any shifts. I'm gonna need to buy things for myself that I've just basically gave to Jared when I moved out of our old place; things like bed sheets and new pillows towels ect... I gotta buy all that shit. I've now left Starbucks and tomorrow I continue at Miss 60 / Energie full time. I'm a bit hung over cause last night we went out to my sisters favorite local pub the 120 pub. We drank and danced and I think I had 1 extra drink then I should of. I was cut off and we left. I love going out with my sister Kim and her friend Melinda. They will forever rock!

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