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So, I often switch between many webpages while i'm on the internet. I'm sure everyone would like to be more entertained on the internet since we all spend more time then we should on it. I easily get bored so I often try to find new sources of inspiration and entertainment. I'll share my favorites, I'd love to hear yours.


This is the first page I check when I wake up in the morning. Its a user content made webpage where people post up their outfits and people decided to hype them up and they show on a hot page VS. a new page. Its really entertaining if your into fashion. Some people are really innovative and doing things like changing shirts into pants and wearing button ups as dresses and harsh pulling them off. It inspires me and also breaks my wallet because it makes me wanna shop. It allows you to separate the content in many ways, from cities to brands.. its great.

Other then the fab and shitty outfits it also has a culture section where people share many topics and discuss things related from architecture to photography and food.


This webpage is a dream come true. This webpage is conntect to thousands of blogs out there and filters threw them all and finds exactly what your looking for. You can pretty much find any song to download plus remixes and info, including news and videos, on your favorite music artists. I've found so many new great artists with the help of this webpage.


Both these webpages are very similar but equally entertaining and posts up odd, different and amusing images and videos from all over the Internets. defiantly worth a daily check.


This Vancouver based webpage has grown to an international level because of its excellent content. Its currently my homepage for when I load up Firefox. This culture webpage posts up links related to all things creative. As someone who likes to create and design, Its very inspirational. Its basically like a design magazine but updated bi-daily.

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