People wonder why I have Lindsay Lohan's GF as my profile picture.

Yeah she got her hair cut. Jared called me SamRo while her hair was like that. Unfortunately mine is still like that. Hopefully this next week I'll make an appointment; I'm just frustrated about the whole hair thing. My hair dresser I was using for the past 3 years at Joji's Salon on Commercial; decided to 'leave the industry' Yeah that's right. I got Jared to call them up to book me an appointment and he was informed by the receptionist that "unfortunately Sheryl isn't taking anymore clients because she has decided to leave the industry' all baffled, Jared said goodbye and then told me this. I need a Mayja haircut.

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Secret Agent said...

Now that you mentioned it, your hair is pretty much a replica of SamRo's.
Haircuts and hairdressers...such a touchy topic. I had this one lady who cut my hair for years...unfortunately, after years, her style failed to update..and I was left with getting bowl haircuts. But anyway, some stuff happened and I was finally able to break free of her China-style cuts. Now instead of paying $8 for a cut, I pay...$30 at another place. Hm, I don't know if that's an upgrade or not.