Green Thumb

So growing up one of the first green thumb experiences was with my mom in our old house in Cloverdale. It was spring and she had many marigold head seeds from the previous year she had saved. I asked to plant some in a little pot and I grew them in the windowsill and did a show in tell about it. I was in grade 3. I don't remember my show and tell but I remember drawing the seed and what state it was in each day in a little book. In recent years my moms hasn't been able to plant as much as she use to but at a time she had flowers and plants all over the balcony and yard and hanging from every space available. really amazing, and she can tell you EVERYTHING about all the plants. The type of flowers, when to grow them, what kind alighting, where its originated from, and all these weird terms that define the types of plants. I don't know why she isn't' teaching. What I'm saying is it started young and as you can see below my patio/home is slowly becoming a jungle.

I'm preparing to make a great patio this summer. I been Tucking money away and refusing some purchases so I can have extra money for another soil sac or plant pot. I consider these picture to be 'the making of' pictures and come July I'll take new pictures to show what my patio has become.. :)

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