Recline and Unwind

Happy sunday morning!! So Tanya aka the 3rd in our relationship, decided to jump town this weekend with Amanda and goto Vernon to see our bitch Ashlee. Which is good for our wallets because our usual weekend activities involve us consuming all sorta of things from clothes to beer. ok maybe just clothes and beer, but together we consume and consume until our wallets wont let us. This weekend there was no big drunk night but we in keeping with our weekend routine still headed to Zawas.

If you can see in the background of this picture there is a Mural on the wall. If you look closely you'll see this..

Yes, a unbathed plump woman with a bag of Dildos. Throwing them into the air like confetti. Dildos are neat. So on the corner of Commercial Drive and Venables there is a new multi purpose Commercial and Residential building. Its taken a while for the stores underneath to become vacant. There is a really cool coffee shop named Bump N Grind. Each week there is new art on the walls and alot of sexy good dressing people hang out there. But what is new is this stupid Money Mart.

We've all yet to see ANYONE ever go in here. I hope it gets shut down.

we decided on something other then breakfast for once...

I'm on a diet so I had the succulent Brown Toast and Cigarette.

Ok really I had a luscious Pesto Chicken Quesadilla.

Jared enjoyed a Chesse + Bacon burger (Without tomatoes)

I've broke all my other glasses so I pulled these ones out and Jared did a great job of reminding me how much he hates them on me... After about the 10th time hearing that he didn't like them I had to post pictures of them.

Look what Jared is stuck with! Ha ha! >:P I always tell him he looks good tho. Look at these... Are the cell phone ads? Zawa ads? I dont know.

Then we left to get more beer..

Tonight is Big Brother. Maybe we'll watch it at Zawas again. Ben and Sam will be working!


like you care said...

ohhh..where to begin with the unsolicited advice...oh! the glasses...Jared is right...please donate those to the nearest blind man , also, Jared might consider a semi-permanent henna dye job for those eyebrows and eyelashes,it's a cheap way to insta hottie, ummm whatelse whatelse..ok, nothing...great post,...LOVED the multi-media and very interesting!

DavesGotTheGun said...

i'm gonna wear these glasses all the time now. :)

DavesGotTheGun said...

PS: my man looks fine. he dosent need no voodoo blood job or whateve :)

raymi lauren said...

just to fire up a war, i like those glasses and i think my huge nose would look fab paired with them.

DavesGotTheGun said...

they make my nose look bigger then normal but i dont care. i wish they were bigger... like HUGE.